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Free UPS Ground shipping on all orders $50+ to Contiguous US - (non-aluminum)
Free UPS Ground shipping on all orders $50+ to Contiguous US - (non-aluminum)

{8 Pc} Costco Pro Stencil Kit


{8 Pc} Costco Pro Stencil Kit SKU: 1800-0CCKIT2

This Costco Pro Stencil Kit is designed to be used on flat surfaces such as a parking lot or on a sign to help direct Costco customers with all their needs. This kit has 8 stencils and they are all crucial to getting your Costco parking lot perfect. The simple illustration makes it easy to understand for anyone. All 1-800-Stencil’s are professional quality and made from either Light or Pro-Grade LDPE, Aluminum, or optional UHMW plastic to all last for years of professional use. 

This parking lot set includes: 

Country of origin: USA

Other Part Numbers

132-0CCKIT2 116-0CCKIT2 108-0CCKIT2 080-0CCKIT2 

Selecting a stencil Grade:

.080 ALU - Will last forever, you can reuse it and abuse it. It will be ready to work today and in 10 years. The ridged 5052 Aluminum we use is also perfect for thermoplastic extruding, saving hundreds of Dollars per Legend.

1/8" LDPE - PRO-Grade, Our Most common material, typically can be used thousands of times, with proper care they can last for 7+ years. Lays Flat, and heavy enough to stay put while spraying up to 3000psi.

1/16" LDPE - What we call Light-Duty, This material is just as durable as its 1/8" counterpart, however it is half the thickness and can be flimsy. We recommend this for stencils that aren't used every day.

.030" HIPS - HIPS has been used for stencils for many years, also known as PVC, This material is great for a custom stencil or something that is only used a few times. HIPS lays flat right out of the box and is our more cost effective option, while still being 4 times thicker than our competitors thinnest stencils.