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39" Handicap Stencil

SKU 5300-039


This 39" Handicap stencil is the pavement marking industry standard size. 39" or 1-meter conforms to the MUTCD standard for pavement marking, Image 10-22 from the MUTCD. 1-800 STENCIL has designed this handicap stencil with bridging in critical positions in order to keep the stencil rigid when it is being carried on end rather than floppy.

  • 39" Tall (1 meter) Handicap stencil
  • Industry standard size
  • Fits well on 4-foot background
  • Visible from long distances
  • Easy to use 1 piece design
  • Plastic stencils roll for easy storage
ADA Compliant Yes
Number of pieces 1
Has Background Handicap Symbol Only
Stencil Width 34"
Stencil Height 39"
Material Width 40"
Material Height 46"
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Did you know?

The 39" handicap stencil is the industry standard size.

The 39" size was originally 1 meter or 39.37", but as manufacturers adapted international specs to the United States market it has changed to simply be 39"

Nationally, here is no spec for the height of a painted handicap logo.

In industry terms, the painted logo is known as a "Legend"


Additional Info

Country of origin: USA

Warranty Our stencils are guaranteed to be free of defects that will impede the use of the product.

Customer Questions and Answers

Q: How tall is the actual painted area of this stencil?

A: As with all of our stencils, we call out the actual height of the legend (painted area). The material on this stencil is 46" tall and 40" wide, the painted legend is 39" Tall.


Q: How large does a handicap parking space have to be?

A: The ADA states that an accessible parking space must be at least 96" wide, with a 60" aisle beside it (96" for Van spaces) **Local code may very**


Q: Where do I paint the handicap logo in the parking space?

A: There is no specific placement for the painted legend from the ADA, Industry standard is at the bottom of the parking space and centered between the parking lines.


Other Part Numbers

5300-039 4300-039 3300-039 6300-039

Selecting a stencil Grade:

.080 ALU – Will last forever, you can reuse it and abuse it. It will be ready to work today and in 10 years. The ridged 5052 Aluminum we use is also perfect for thermoplastic extruding, saving hundreds of Dollars per Legend.

1/8” LDPE – PRO-Grade, Our Most common material, typically can be used thousands of times, with proper care they can last for 7 + years. Lays Flat, and heavy enough to stay put while spraying up to 3000psi.

1/16” LDPE – What we call Light-Duty, This material is just as durable as its 1/8” counterpart, however it is half the thickness and can be flimsy. We recommend this for stencils that aren’t used every day.

.030” HIPS – HIPS has been used for stencils for many years, also known as PVC, This material is great for a custom stencil or something that is only used a few times. HIPS lays flat right out of the box and is our more cost effective option, while still being 4 times thicker than our competitors thinnest stencils.

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