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Free UPS Ground shipping on all orders $50+ to Contiguous US

Methods for Removing Parking Lot Lines

At Outline industries, we receive several questions regarding how to remove existing parking lot lines before they utilize our parking lot stencils to apply new lines. We are often asked what the best and most effective method is for removing these lines. There are several different ways to effectively remove parking lot lines. Some methods involve grinders while others involve high pressured water or sand.

One common method used to remove parking lot lines is water blasting. This method is most commonly used on airports and roadways. It is often times confused with power washing but it is quite different. Water blasting involves extremely high pressure pumps that are mounted on a truck. These pumps are very large and usually are strictly used for the removal of parking lot lines. This method leaves a very clean finish and virtually no damage to the pavement.

Another common method for removing lines is disc grinding. Disc grinding is a very time consuming process that typically uses a Diamond grinding wheel to remove the markings. Disc grinding however, it most commonly used on polished concrete floors. Although this process is time consuming, it leaves a very nice, polished finish. Diamond grinding is used to polish concrete floors so when you use this method, you are essentially polishing away the markings to leave a clean finish.

There are many other methods that are commonly used to remove parking lot lines from different kinds of surfaces. We have included a full list on our website for our customers. If you have any questions regarding the different methods please do not hesitate to ask. We are committed to helping our customers in any way we can. We can answer any questions you may have with regards to your specific project.

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