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Free UPS Ground shipping on all orders $50+ to Contiguous US - (non-aluminum)
Free UPS Ground shipping on all orders $50+ to Contiguous US - (non-aluminum)

How to Create Retro-Reflective Paint

When you are working on a striping project, it is important to know what exactly that project requires. From the type of parking lot stencils to the type of paint, it is important to consider every aspect of your project and what is required of you in order to produce the best product. While some projects simply require water based paint, others may require a slightly more sophisticated paint type. It is very likely that you will have at least one project that will require retro-reflective paint. This type of paint requires some additional work as well as some additional attention to detail.

Although you can find pre-made retro-reflective pavement markings, one of the most common ways to create this type of paint is to utilize the application of glass beads. These glass beads can be applied to the wet paint in a couple of different ways. One method is to mix the beads in with the paint and then apply them at once. However, this is not the most effective method. The preferred method involves adding a layer of beads on top of the wet paint separately. They can be applied on top of the paint manually or with the use of a bead dispenser. The paint must be wet in order for the beads to stick and not wear so quickly. If the paint is not wet enough, it could result in a poor quality application and your project could suffer from it. You will also want to keep in mind that you will need about 5-6 pounds of glass beads for every pound of paint. This will be important to remember when you are placing your order for the beads.

Although Outline Industries does not offer the glass beads nor the paint needed for these kinds of projects, we are happy to provide our clients with as much information as possible regarding striping projects. We are dedicated to helping our clients in every way that we can. Not only do we specialize in quality stencils, but we are also committed to sharing our knowledge of the pavement marking industry with our clients. We draw from personal experience and know how to help our customers be successful. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our products or if you have questions regarding how best to complete your project. 

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