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Jonathon Thompson – President/Sales/Design

 Jonathon is a co-founder of Outline Industries and oversees all of the operations, specializing in design and sales. He brings with him great field knowledge from his work history. Jonathon got his start by striping parking lots in 2002 (Lyon Striping, South Lyon, MI), he then started sealcoating driveways and parking lots in Michigan all while he was in high school. In 2007 he moved to Colorado where he worked on a paving crew (Acord Asphalt, Granby, CO) and was quickly picked up as a pavement estimator in the great Denver region (Rocky Mountain Pavement, Denver, CO). He started striping parking lots in 2009 and it wasn’t long before he started building stencils (Outline Industies). He’s now widely recognized in the pavement marking industry as a knowledgeable reference. In his free time, Jonathon likes to Snowmobile, ski, read about marketing techniques and cook.

Lindy Thompson – Office Manager

Lindy is a co-founder of Outline industries and oversees all office related employees and duties. Lindy brings with her a wealth of communication knowledge having received her Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology from Brunel University in the United Kingdom. Lindy started assisting her husband with his striping business in 2009 and it wasn’t long before she quit her job to work with Jonathon on a full time basis. She went out in the field with him and gained a lot of practical knowledge and information. When Lindy and Jonathon started Outline Industries in 2010, Lindy could comfortably talk to people in the industry about Outline’s products. As the company grew (and is growing), Lindy has taken on a roll that ensures Outline clients are invoiced and communicated with in a timely fashion.  In her free time, Lindy enjoys riding her Dressage pony (Beau), doing yoga, reading, cooking and playing with her dog (Juno).



Juno – Scrap Plastic Disposal Unit

Juno is our shop dog (she belongs to Jonathon and Lindy, but is EVERYONES best friend.) and is responsible for picking up the scrap plastic around the shop. She does her job with joy and enthusiasm, but tends to just transport the plastic from shop to the front lawn. We love her enthusiasm, even if we have to often pick up after her. In her free time, Juno enjoys long naps, going on trail rides with her mom and her pony, chasing bunnies, chasing squirrels, hunting for anything that moves in the shop (especially flies and hoppers), and eating anything she can get her paws on.