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The Company

                How it was founded

Jonathon and Lindy Thompson started Outline Industries in 2009 out of pure necessity. Together, they got their start striping parking lots and soon became aware that the cost of stencils (especially custom stencils) was eating up any profits to be had. Jonathon didn’t want to use plywood stencils and quickly found a knife-cutting machine that would cut through plastic well. He started to create his own stencils and the local paint shop caught on. Soon he was asked to make stencils for the paint shop to sell and Outline Industries was born. Jonathon and Lindy quickly went to work collecting funds, developing the shop and selling their stencils. It didn’t take long for them to catch the attention of some pretty big names and they developed a high volume distribution business out of what was once a necessity to keep their business running.

                What we do

Outline Industries boasts a fully operational CNC shop with machines that can quickly cut hundreds of stencils per day. Our 3 CNC machines are capable of cutting anything from paper to metal material and everything in between. Along with the computerized routing, you will find that our shop still utilized dies and presses to make many of our stencils and other products. We are set up to quickly customize any stencil or prototyped part a customer may need and that starts in our office. Our design team is set up with state-of-the art design programs that can quickly make an idea a reality. Our sales and customer service departments work out of the same office as design. This allows our sales and customer service reps complete access and direct communication with the design team to ensure accurate and quick production of all stencils.

                Where we’re going

Outline Industries is committed to making our process and product line better every day. We look forward to website improvements, new product line introductions and buying a commercial building over the next 3 years. In the short term we will continue to work with people in the field to ensure they are getting exactly what they need. We are committed to offering product lines that are high quality, affordable, accessible and always made right here in the USA.