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Free UPS Ground shipping on all orders $50+ to Contiguous US - (non-aluminum)
Free UPS Ground shipping on all orders $50+ to Contiguous US - (non-aluminum)

Reserved Parking (handicap) sign, R7-8

SKU EG500011812

Available in multiple configurations including arrows pointing Left, Right, Both or none. This MUTCD Standard "RESERVED PARKING" sign is the federal standard sign to designate ADA Parking spaces (handicap parking spaces). We offer this sign in 2 different sheeting grades, Engineering Grade and Diamond Grade, please see the "sheeting" tab for more information. 



MUTCD R7-8 Reserved parking sign, with metric dimensions


1-800-Stencil utilizes Nikkalite™ brand sheeting for our signs, utilizing their specified print methods they offer a 10 year warranty on all our printed signs.   

Type IV High Intensity Micro-Prismatic (HIM)

Nikkalite™ Brand High Intenstity Micro-prismatic (HIM) 94000 series sheeting is a high intensity un-metallized micro-prismatic retro-reflective sheeting designed for production of permanent traffic control signs, construction zone devices and delineators. HIM 94000 series conforms to ASTM D4956-09 Type IV specifications, and is embedded with the logo - HIM for easy identification.

HIM Grade is a retro-reflective sheeting that uses the principle of the retro-reflection of micro-prisms. In the case of a prism-type reflection element, the light reflects efficiently without diminishing, as the three reflection planes that constitute the element and are positioned at right angles in relation to each other, completely reflect within the element. As the specialty prisms designed to provide optimum reflection are densely arranged within the sheeting, excellent brightness characteristics and wide-angle reflection can be obtained. The traffic signs and traffic safety devices made of the reflective sheeting provide far better visibility and withstand a longer service period compared with those that utilize glass beads.More Info



Warranty and Specs

Warranty NIKKALITE™ 94000 Series

SDS (msds) 

Over Laminate: (applied to all signs)



Sheeting: Dependent on your order selection

Type I Engineering Grade:

SDS NIKKALITE™ SEG 15000 Series uploaded:12/27/2019

Type III Ultralite Grade:

SDS NIKKALITE™ ULG N500 Series uploaded:12/27/2019

Type IV High Intensity Micro-Prismatic:

SDS NIKKALITE™ CRG 94000 Series uploaded:12/27/2019