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Free UPS Ground shipping on all orders $50+ to Contiguous US - (non-aluminum)
Free UPS Ground shipping on all orders $50+ to Contiguous US - (non-aluminum)

How to: Stripe a Parking Lot

How to Stripe a Parking Lot

This is a guide for small businesses and independent users who want to learn how to paint stripes in a parking lot. While Outline Industries does not offer parking lot striping services, we do provide the parking lot striping stencils to complete this project. To help you out in striping your own parking lot, we have written some steps:


1. The first thing is to make sure the area you want to paint is clean, Pressure washing may be an option but not necessary.This will clear the area of dirt and debris that will get in the way of your parking lot paint. It is also important to let the pavement dry entirely before applying any paint. Wet pavement will not adhere to the paint as easily.

2. The next step is to lay out your parking lot like stencils. Often, you will be repainting existing stripes Consider using Outline Industries’ 4” x 18’ line stencil to mark out your parking spots. Each parking spot should be roughly 9’ wide and 18’ long.

3. You will have to choose your type of parking lot paint before beginning to paint. For help choosing your pavement marking paint, check out our complete guide to parking lot paint. [I’ll include a link to that guide once it has been written] Once you’ve picked which kind of paint is best for your project, you can begin painting in the stencils. A typical process is to use a paint roller.

4. It’s important to consider other markings that might be necessary in your parking lot. For instance, will you have handicap parking space? Then you’ll need handicap stencils. Will you need directional arrows to control the flow of traffic? Then check out the arrow stencils we offer.


If you have any questions about your parking lot stencils or how to paint your parking lot, Contact Outline Industries and we will help you.