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Stencil Design Terms

Posted by Jonathon Thompson on

When we are designing a stencil, we use some very specific terms. Most of the time when we ask someone how large the stroke is, they always respond with "HUH???". So, I figured that seeings we have this "terms" sheet in one of our design guides I would share it!   Happy Learning! 

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Bike Lane Stencils Are a Must Have for Any Pavement Marking Contractor

With so much focus on protecting the environment and going green, more and more people are beginning to ride their bikes more often. Whether they are riding to and from work or the grocery store, we are starting to notice that people are often opting for this healthier method of transportation. With this shift, more [...]

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Our Quality Stencils Will Leave Your Pavement Markings Looking Clean and Professional

Imagine a city or roadway with no pavement markings. Now imagine the chaos, confusion, and accidents that would likely ensue in such a place. Pavement and road markings are important for helping to direct and control the flow of traffic on busy roadways. Without them, drivers would be left to determine which way to turn, [...]

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Use Our Industrial Stencils for Your Next Pavement Marking Project

If you are a contractor and your next pavement painting project involves painting and marking bike lines as well as bus lanes, then you have come to the right place! At Outline Industries, we are well versed and experienced in all aspects of the pavement marking business. We have industrial stencils for any pavement marking [...]

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If You Can't Choose From Our Wide Selection of Parking Lot Stencils, Try One of Our Stencil Kits

If you are about to embark on a pavement marking project but you don’t have all of the supplies you need, Outline Industries can help. We provide our customers with a wide array of quality parking lot and pavement stencils. We have stencils for almost any striping project. However, if you are new to the [...]

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How to Create Retro-Reflective Paint

When you are working on a striping project, it is important to know what exactly that project requires. From the type of parking lot stencils to the type of paint, it is important to consider every aspect of your project and what is required of you in order to produce the best product. While some [...]

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If You Can't Find the Stencil You Are Looking for, Call and Ask About Our Customized Stencils

At Outline Industries, we are committed to our customers. That is why we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best parking lot stencils as well as the information they need in order to successfully complete their projects. We offer a multitude of different stencils as well as stencil grades. We have everything from [...]

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Methods for Removing Parking Lot Lines

At Outline industries, we receive several questions regarding how to remove existing parking lot lines before they utilize our parking lot stencils to apply new lines. We are often asked what the best and most effective method is for removing these lines. There are several different ways to effectively remove parking lot lines. Some methods [...]

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Select the Best Pavement Marking Paint for Your Project

When you are about to start a project, it is not only important to find the right parking lot stencils for the job but it is also important to consider what kind of paint would be best for your project. While Outline industries does not sell parking lot or road paint, we believe that providing [...]

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Knowing Which Stencil Grade is Best for You

Before you place an order for one of our stencils, it is important to not only focus on the design of your stencil but also on the grade. However, before you select your stencil grade, you will want to evaluate what kind of use you want to get out of your stencil and how [...]

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