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12" Alphabet Kit Stencil


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Item Description

12" Alphabet Kit Stencil   SKU: 0370-012   Material: 1/8" (.125") PRO-Grade LDPE

This 12" Tall Alphabet stencil kit is a must have for any striping contractor, it is handy for any time that you pull up to a job site and realize that you left your 12" NO PARKING stencil at the last job... This kit is also ideal for marking warehouse aisles, Lettering parking stalls or just painting obscure words that it just isn't feasible to get a full stencil made for. Our 12" wording stencils are cut on a 16" tall piece of plastic and have 1" spacing on each side. This is a design feature so that you can butt each stencil to the other and create perfect 2" spacing. The 38 piece kit has an extra A, C, E, I, N, O, R, S to make it easier to paint common wording that goes in a parking lot.

  • Font and spacing match our standard 12" stencils
  • Easy to use, butt together for perfect spacing
  • CNC cut for precision
  • 38 piece kit includes an additional letter A,C,E,I,N,O,R,S, and 1 Blank


Number of pieces 29 or 38
Additional Items2 Blank pieces and 1 spacer
Stencil WidthVaries, see drawing
Stencil Height12"
Material WidthVaries, see drawing
Material Height16"

All of the Letter stencil kits from are designed to be user-friendly and provide you with the best opportunity to provide a professional looking stencil whenever you may need to. These 12" stencils are a must have!

Country of origin: USA


Our stencils are guaranteed to be free of defects that will impede the use of the product.

Customer Questions and Answers

Q: What is included in the 38 piece kit vs. the 29 piece kit? 

A: The 38 piece kit includes an additional letter A,C,E,I,N,O,R, and S. There is also an additional blank piece, these kits simply make it easier to paint words that have repeating letters, like "NO PARKING". Since you have 2 letter N's you would be able to layout the entire word at once.  


Q: I have seen other companies sell fonts that are all 9" wide, Why are these all different sizes.

A: Good question! Just as with the font that this answer is written in, some letters are wider than others. It is silly to think that painting a W and an L both 9" wide will look good.  Our font is designed to be legible and easy to use. 

Other Part Numbers

4370-012  3370-012  6370-012  5371-012  4371-012  3371-012  6371-012  5370-012

Selecting a stencil Grade:

.080 ALU – Will last forever, you can reuse it and abuse it. It will be ready to work today and in 10 years. The ridged 5052 Aluminum we use is also perfect for thermoplastic extruding, saving hundreds of Dollars per Legend.

1/8” LDPE – PRO-Grade, Our Most common material, typically can be used thousands of times, with proper care they can last for 7 + years. Lays Flat, and heavy enough to stay put while spraying up to 3000psi.

1/16” LDPE – What we call Light-Duty, This material is just as durable as its 1/8” counterpart, however it is half the thickness and can be flimsy. We recommend this for stencils that aren’t used every day.

.030” HIPS – HIPS has been used for stencils for many years, also known as PVC, This material is great for a custom stencil or something that is only used a few times. HIPS lays flat right out of the box and is our more cost effective option, while still being 4 times thicker than our competitors thinnest stencils.

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Product Reviews

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  1. 12 inch stencils

    Posted by Cecil on 18th Nov 2015

    These are the thickest stencils i have found without making my own. I am looking forward to many years of use. Only drawback is i thought I was ordering a 33 count set but that was my mistake. 33 and 38 count have extra of the most used letters. These match the older stenciling on our parking lot. Only thing i don't like is i wanted 12 inch tall but narrow and these are 9 to 10 inches wide so I could match the other stencils i purchased (from somewhere else).

  2. Legacy Painting Review

    Posted by Chris on 22nd Jul 2015

    The alphabet letters were perfect to restencil addresses on our warehouse jobs. Very durable and the longevity on them will help our bids stay competitive.

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